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The Architects of Flavors

Reminiscent of Chef Izu's time on the Côte d'Azur, Maison De La Plage is a relaxed beach house offering a sophisticated French-Mediterranean menu.

From serene breakfasts overlooking the sea, to sunset drinks and cheerful dinners, the beach front oasis turns into a hub of energy and celebration as the night unfolds.



From revitalising and wholesome breakfasts to sun-kissed lunches on the terrace or dining under the stars - encompasses all aspects of daily French Cuisine.

Drawing inspiration from the wondrous rituals that Chef Izu has experienced throughout his life's journey, expect an array of dishes, made from fresh from the market ingredients, rustled up into a variety of dishes. 

Pool & Beach

Encapsulating the serene essence of the French Riviera - the pool, a sky-kissed oasis, and the endless beach with a view that seems eternal.

While perching on the sunbeds or private cabanas, infuse this symphony of azure hues, and let the rhythmic waves be your soundtrack.
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